ISI estimates that there are dozen of thousands of scaffolding contractors around the world working on maintenance and construction projects.

They suffer a lot of safety accidents, designs, installation, and dismantling problems. And the lack of scaffolding supervisors and inspectors, as many contractors compete to win scaffolding projects, which leads many of them not to give importance to safety and quality.

This pushes the main contractors to choose scaffolding contractors who offer competitive prices while neglecting safety and quality standards in the scaffolding industry, so ISI makes a great effort to direct Scaffolding contractors to provide their services by international standards and legislation to provide high-quality work, preserve lives and property, reduce injuries and work stoppages, and provide their services at an acceptable cost and competitive time.

This is done through audits of scaffolding contractors by using professional auditors to develop the scaffolding industry around the world and eliminate all deficiencies in work.

ISI evaluates the design and loads calculation services for its clients’ construction and scaffolding contractors or audits designs submitted by contracted engineering firms.

ISI also conducts annual audits on members to ensure that they follow international standards and legislation, or provide training services according to ISI specifications and training curricula, the efficiency of trainers, and conduct exams for trainees seriously and impartially.